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Life Sciences

A guide serving Life Sciences, Biology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics

Traditional libraries offered books for students and researchers. We still do that, but we offer so much more, too. From databases designed to help you in a specific subject to eBooks that you can access from anywhere at any time, the libraries are here to help you succeed. Scroll through the tabs at the top of this box to find resources that are perfect for Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics.


Image of the structure of a cell including genetic material

The following are a list of databases that are best bets when doing Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics. If you need help finding keywords, developing a search strategy, or navigating any of these databases, don't be afraid to ask your subject librarian for help (contact info on the home page of this guide)! Note that this list is alphabetical by title; the first database may not be the most suitable database depending on your search.

Whether you're looking for a textbook, an eBook, or just a good read, we have what you are looking for (or can get it in a few days). Below is a list of in-demand items that may help you navigate your courses. Don't see what you are looking for? Head over to the Library's homepage and type your title in the search box on the left!