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New Graduate Students in Psychology

This page is designed to give you basic information about the library resources for your work in Psychology here at UMD

What is Open Data?

What is Open Data? What is the Reproducibility Crisis? These are important questions facing researchers in many avenues of social, data, and medical science today. Quickly defined, the reproducibility crisis stems from a complex series of problems within the field with the bottom-line of failure to meet one of the critical tenants of the scientific method: the ability for others to reproduce the results of an experiment by following the indicated methods. In other words, enough researchers have changed, omitted, fabricated, or otherwise altered key components or results in their presentation of their data making it impossible to reproduce their results. This problem stems from a number of issues including the competition for funding and the pressure for results as a component of the funding. 

Open Data/ Science is a trend in research wherein researchers share their ongoing and inconclusive research as a way of maintaining  transparency and sharing the vital materials needed to recreate their experiments. The following resources will help aid in both your understanding of these issues as well as resources for sharing and using open data


Repositories and other resources for Open Data/Science