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New Graduate Students in Anthropology

This guide serves as a landing page and resource guide for those starting their graduate studies in Anthropology at the University of Maryland, College Park

Locating Known Articles

There are a few ways to determine if we own the article and in what format.  

1. Libraries home page, click on WorldCat. Then,  type in the title of the article or the journal name. 
WorldCat Highlighted on the Homepage

2. Google and use the Reload button (


3. Use Google Scholar 

4. Use the Citation Linker 


Pink, Sarah, and David Howes. 2010. The future of sensory anthropology/the anthropology of the senses. Social Anthropology 18.3: 331–340.

Sassaman, Kenneth E. 2004. Complex hunter-gatherers in evolution and history: A North American perspective. Journal of Archaeological Research 12.3: 227–280.

American Anthropologist

Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Akpaki, Kossi. 2020. “Assessing the Food Availability and Food Insecurity Situation among Communities of Matam Region, Senegal.” Ecology of Food and Nutrition 59 (4)
*Doesn't appear in Worldcat - change Sort from Library to Best Match and then request via Interlibrary Loan.