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JOUR201 - News Writing and Reporting I

A guide to UMD Libraries resources for students registered for JOUR 201

Discover Topics - Business

The default company information search option on the main Nexis Uni screen is the Company Info box under the Guided Search heading.

Enter a company name and use the drop down menu under "and show me..." to select what sort of information you are interested in.

Over 80 million companies (public and private) are included.


Business-related topics and news also have a dedicated page which can be reached by clicking on the Business box under the Discover topics heading:

Features of the Business page

For a more targeted search of legal materials, review the Company section from the Search by Content Type menu. 

Select the type of company information you wish to search:

  • Dossier (Company, Executive & Industry)
  • SEC FIlings 
  • Company Profiles

Once you have selected the type of company material you wish to search, click on the Advanced Options arrow under the main search box. Advanced options will vary depending on the type of company material you are researching.

Note: You may also limit your search by date using the date restriction boxes. For a search of specific segments of the document, use the Build Your Own Segment Search Box. (Detailed information on how to Build Your Own Search using segments is available from Lexis.)


Click Apply to apply all of your search restrictions and search terms. Search terms will appear inside the main search box, while restrictions will be listed below the search window:


Click Search.

Sample SEC Filings Search

Public companies are required to file financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The two most frequently-consulted reports are the 10-K and 10-Q.

To locate SEC filings using Nexis Uni, select SEC Filings in the "Company Search" box, then type the name or ticker symbol of the company in the search box and hit the "find" button

You can organize your results using the "sort by" drop down on the top right of the page, and alter the timeline and search within the results for specific reports using the "Narrow By" features on the left margin