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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Resources about Mary Shelley and her novel Frankenstein

Frankenstein's Monster: In Search of Science


FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER:  IN SEARCH OF SCIENCE:  Professor Brian Cox guides viewers through 350 years of British science to reveal what science really is, who the people are who practice it, and how it is inextricably linked to the past, present, and future of each and every one of us. In Frankenstein's Monster Professor Cox grapples with science's darker side, asking why, when science has done so much for us, it often gets such a bad press. Starting with the original Frankenstein—the grisly 19th-century tale of George Foster's hanging and subsequent 'electrocution', Brian confronts the idea that science can go 'too far'. From the nuclear bomb to genetic modification, British science has always been at the cutting edge of discovery, but are British scientists incompetent meddlers, or misunderstood visionaries whose gifts to humanity are corrupted by the unscrupulous? A BBC Production. (53 minutes) A BBC Production

Medicine and Science