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The Chinese Press in Occupied Japan

This guide assists you to find the materials published by the Chinese press during the early years of Occupation of Japan (1945-1949), housed in the Gordon W. Prange Collection, University of Maryland Libraries.


There are approximately 71,000 book titles in the Prange Collection.  THe UMD Libraries, in partnership with the National Diet Libary of Japan, currently digitizing the entire book collection.


Visit this page for searching and accessing the books.

The inventory was created by the Prange Collection staff.  This inventory covers the Chinese literature section (Prange Call No. PL-60101~60286v_2). Not all of these books were published by the Chinese community members.   The list is not complete and is subject to change without notice.  The copyright of the inventory remains to the Prange Collection.  The inventory may be used for research purpose only.

EXAMPLES OF BOOKS (Click image to enlarge)

Shikyo zuihitsu - PL-60175Shikyo zuihitsu/詩經隨筆 (Call No. PL-60175)
By Ando Enshu/安藤圓秀
(Tokyo/東京 : Gakuto Engokai/学徒援護会, 1948)




Kyu Chugoku shosetsushu - PL-60218Kyu Chugoku shosetsushu/舊中國小說集 (Call No. PL-60218)  
By Ogaeri Yoshio/魚返善雄
(Tokyo/東京 : Meguro Shoten/目黑書店, 1949)




Saiyuki/西遊記 (Call No. PL-60236)Saiyuki - PL-60236
By Adachi Isamu/足立勇
(Tokyo/東京 : Yoshie Shobo/好江書房, 1948)




Ryosai shii koensho - PL-60244Ryosai shii koensho/聊斎志異香艶抄  (Call No. PL-60244)  
By Murakami Tomoyuki/村上知行
(Tokyo/東京 : Kobunsha/光文社, 1947)