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The Chinese Press in Occupied Japan

This guide assists you to find the materials published by the Chinese press during the early years of Occupation of Japan (1945-1949), housed in the Gordon W. Prange Collection, University of Maryland Libraries.


There are 18,047 newspaper titles in the Prange Collection, which have been microfilmed.   For a list of other institutions that also hold a set of the microfilm, see this page.  

In addition, there are approximately 15,000 Censored Newspaper Articles (CNA)  that date primarily from 1947 and 1948, with a limited number of articles from 1945, 1946, and 1949. The CNA have been digitized


Visit this page for searching and accessing the newspapers and the Censored Newspaper Articles. 

The inventory below was created by the Prange Collection staff.  NOTE: The list is not complete and is subject to change without notice.  The copyright of the inventory remains to the Prange Collection.  The inventory may be used for research purpose only. 

EXAMPLES OF NEWSPAPERS (Click image to enlarge)

Boeki Tsushin/貿易通訊 (Call No. NB0143)

Holdings: 2号(1947.5.23)-123号(1949.9.23)
Published by 中華貿易通訊社



中華ジャーナルChuka Jyanaru/中華ジャーナル [The China Journal] (Call No. NC0432)  
Holdings: 22号(1948.7.16)-23号(1948.7.23)
Published by 中華ジャーナル社


華僑文化Kakyo Bunka/華僑文化 [The Overseas Chinese culture] (Call No. NK0282)
Holdings: 3号(1949.2.21)-10号(1949.9.21)
Published by 華僑文化経済協会




東華タイムスToka Taimusu/東華タイムス (Call No. NT0716) 
Holding: 1号(1947.11.1)
Published by 東華タイムス社



Other example newspaper titles are: Chikara/ちから, Kakyo Minpo/華僑民報, Naniwa Shimbun/浪華新聞