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Woodwind Pedagogy

Resources for woodwind pedagogy.

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Steve Henry

Searching Worldcat UMD

Here are some useful subject terms Worldcat UMD uses for pedagogy:

  • "Instruction and study"
  • Methods
  • "Studies and exercises"

You can combine any of these with your chosen instrument or instrument family (like "bowed stringed instruments" for more general resources).

Worldcat UMD and other library catalogs can be very picky about terminology. For example, you must use violoncello and double bass instead of cello and bass.

Helpful Subject Headings

Subject headings allow you to search and browse through different genres and types of music. Here is a list of some subject headings in Worldcat UMD that you might find helpful:

  • Instrument
  • Instrument music
  • Instrument -- Instruction and study
  • Instrument -- Methods 
  • Instrument -- Studies and exercises
  • Instrument -- Bibliography

To start searching just replace the subject headings above with your instrument of choice. Use "woodwind instruments" in place of a specific instrument for general woodwind instrument materials. "Woodwind quintets" or other common ensembles can also replace a specific instrument to find various instrumental ensemble materials.

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