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Labor History

Find information about primary resources in Labor History as well as a variety of labor history subject guides and indexes.

Photograph Collections

General Photographic Print Collection

Contains many prints used in the AFL-CIO News.  Copyright for these prints is mostly held by AFL-CIO, Corbis, or other organizations/individuals.

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Alexander Negative Collection (1948-1983)

Consists of over 10,000 jobs from 1948-1983; copyright held by AFL-CIO.

Alexander Negative Collection Index


Steve Yarmola Negative Collection (1972-1992)

Consists of 5,000 jobs from 1972-1992; copyright held by AFL-CIO.

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Page One Photography, Inc. (1982-2013)

Consists of over 11,000 jobs from 1982-2013, as negatives and born-digital images. Most copyright is held by University of Maryland; contact us for more information.

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