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Financial Literacy

Finding Books

Finding Books

Worldcat is the best place to identify books and other materials owned by the UM Libraries and other libraries around the world. After using the link to the UMD library site, choose the "Worldcat" tab and enter search terms in the search box to get started. Don't worry about being too precise at first; you can easily narrow down your results later to books, publication date, etc. Use the Advanced Search option for more precise search options as per suggested Subject headings below..

Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings can help you discover additional materials on your topic.  You can search these headings directly by selecting the "Subjects" field on WorldCat UMD's Advanced Search page.  Some representative financial literacy subject headings are listed below:

  • Finance, personal
  • Investment analysis
  • Banks and banking
  • Financial crises
  • Consumer behavior
  • Student loans