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Planned Communities

A planned community, or planned city, is a community that was carefully planned from its inception. This guide provides basic information about these communities along with print and electronic resources.

General Resources

Urban Planning, 1794-1918: An International Anthology of Articles, Conference Papers, and Reports 

This is a collection of primary source material from Cornell University, for the study of urban planning. It includes detailed subject, chronological, and alphabetical bibliographies on the subject and links to excerpts from relevant texts. 

Ebenezer Howard and the Garden City Movement

The Effect of Sir Ebenezer Howard and the Garden City Movement on Twentieth Century Town Planning

This is the electronic version of a 1973 book by urban planner Norman Lucey on Ebenezer Howard and his influence on Twentieth Century urban planning.

Letchworth Garden City

This is the home page for Letchworth, the first Garden City designed according to Ebenezer Howard's ideas. It contains a number of articles on Letchworth's history and the Garden City movement as a whole.

New Deal Towns

Virtual Greenbelt

This webpage was created as a joint project between the American Studies Department of the University of Maryland and the city of Greenbelt. It details the history of the city and provides access to photographs, special exhibits, and student projects about Greenbelt. A virtual Greenbelt Museum is in the planning stages.


Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb

This site, by University of Illinois at Chicago Professor Peter Hales, presents Levittown's cultural history using photographs, architectural drawings, and descriptive text.

Levittown Historical Society

This site has information on the history and founding of Levittown and the opportunity to contact them for more information.

Reston, Virginia

The Reston Association

Some historical information from the Reston, VA community site.

Columbia, Maryland

Columbia Association Archives

This site provides some basic information on the history of Columbia and provides contact information for further inquiry.



New Urbanism

Congress for New Urbanism

This site provides detailed information about New Urbanism, links to additional resources and bibliograpies on the topic, and a directory of New Urbanist communities around the country.



Town and Country

This is a segment from the CBS Sunday Morning, May 20, 2007 about New Urbanism.

Seaside, Florida

Seaside, Florida

This is the official home page for the city of Seaside Florida

The Seaside Institute

This is the homepage for an organization dedicated to the "study and refinement" of the urban experiment of Seaside, Florida.


The Seaside Research Portal: Archiving the First New Urban Community

This is a collaborative project between the University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture and Hesburgh Libraries and the community of Seaside, Florida. The aim of the Portal is to provide an academic and thorough resource to study the history, design, plan, code, and architecture of Seaside. It also functions and a virtual archive.

Celebration, Florida

Celebration, Florida

This is the official home page for the city of Celebration Florida.