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Kit Houses

A guide to provide basic information on kit houses, as well as to provide links to resources on these prefabricated houses.

Web Resources

The links on this page will lead you to web based resources about kit houses. Most of the links listed here provide access to general information, databases, research guides, or digitized primary source collections that are freely accessible on the web without the use of a subscription service. 

The Aladdin Company Collection at Clark Historic Library

The Clark Library at Central Michigan Univeristy is home to the records of the Aladdin Company, and their website has general information about the company and a complete run of digitized catalogs dating from 1908 to 1954. 






 Sears Roebuck and Company Kit Houses 

Here you can find a synopsis of the historic of Sear Roebuck and Company kit house, digitized catalogs dating from1908 to 1940.







  Old House Web

This page links to feature stories from the Old House Web page, including an article on how to determine if your house is a kit house. Also included are several feature stories on the history, importance, and unique design characteristics of these house. 



   Arts and Craft Society

This page provides general information about kits homes, as well as detailed histories of ten of the main kit houses manufactures including Sear Roebuck and Compnay, Aladdin Homes, MontgomeryWards and Gordon-Van Tine Company. It also has some digitized catalogs.