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Preparing for a Recital

Choosing music and writing program notes using library resources.

Using UMD Libraries' Catalog

Please refer to a separate guide: Finding Music Scores.

Using WorldCat

WorldCat makes it possible to search the holdings of thousands of libraries across the world. If UMD Libraries does not have an item that you want or need, you can use WorldCat to find it and request it via interlibrary loan (ILL). You should allow about 2 weeks for items to arrive at McKeldin through ILL.

There are two versions of WorldCat. The first one is the one that most people use because it is the default search option when you visit the UMD Libraries' homepage. The second one is a database that you can find through Database Finder; it is listed as "WorldCat (FirstSearch)." In both, after performing a search you can check the box for "Musical Scores" under "Format."

Using Bibliographies

A bibliography is a list of related materials that serve as a starting point for research on a particular subject. To find one:

  • Go to Worldcat's Advanced Search page.
  • Choose "subject" in the drop down box for "Search Index."
  • Type your instrument or a composer you are interested in, followed by the word "bibliography."

Using the Internet

The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) allows users to download and print scores for free. Most of these works are in the public domain and not subject to copyright restrictions. However, the liability for using the website is placed on the user.