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War of 1812 in Maryland

A guide to the University of Maryland, College Park's resources on the War of 1812 in Maryland.

Web Resources

These links will lead you to good external resources for the War of 1812 in Maryland. Some of the links below are sites associated with local historic places you can visit if you want to get a first-hand feel of how the war impacted Maryland.

Beware when researching of simply Googling "War of 1812" or even using Wikipedia as a source. Many sites that a Google search will link you to may turn out not to be credible and may even give you incorrect information. Most professors will not allow you to cite Wikipedia in a paper. However, Wikipedia is a good launching point if you use it to look for sources and references at the bottom of the page. You should still check any of these sites for authenticity by checking who their sources are. If you're uncertain about any website, check with your professor before using it as a source. If in doubt, don't use it.

Resources from other Universities