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Research Poster Guide for CCJS418U: Community Corrections

This guide will help people find resources and learn how to create an effective research poster.


Software Options:

  • PowerPoint
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Google Slides


TERPware is the software distribution website for the University of Maryland, College Park. Various software products are available for download and use by UMD students, faculty, and staff through agreements managed by the Division of IT between the university and software companies.


Color Selection Tool: Paletton the Color Scheme Designer

Color Code Conversion: Color Converter

Design Style Guide: Template

Universal Design: Accessible Fonts

Printing at UMD Libraries

Library Website Info on Printing:

  • Available Printers:
    • McKeldin Library (floors 1, 2, and 6)
    • STEM Library
    • Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library
    • Hornbake Library 
    • Architecture Library
    • Art Library
  • Cost to Print: $5 / sq feet
  • Max Size: up to 42 inches wide
  • Payment Options:
    • Terrapin Express
    • Credit/debit card
    • Photocopy card (for guests)