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Decolonizing Education: Native Americans

This guide was originally created for the use of instructors and students in the reACT Decolonizing Education Experiential Learning Program funded by the 2022-2023 TLTC Curriculum Grants. Specifically: ARCH460; ARCH478; ARCH601; ARCH678; CHBE473; ENCH648


Sustaining the Environment into the Future (2022). Maryland’s landscapes, water quality and clean air are our most vital resources, and A Better Maryland puts sustainability of these resources at the forefront of its vision for the state. Environmental preservation and economic development can and do work together. A Better Maryland’s approach to a sustainable environment is an inward-looking, process-based exercise as well as an analysis of observable environmental needs. Maryland has an array of existing environmental programs in place. To ensure effectiveness, they must be reviewed on a periodic basis. Educational materials and technical assistance for state programs need to be enhanced to help jurisdictions with compliance, as well as implementation of their own local initiatives. Planning recognizes that Maryland has a rich network of statewide and local environmental organizations and is evaluating how the state can develop assistance for them as well as for local jurisdictions.​

Maryland. Department of Natural Resources. (2022)