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Research and Teaching Fellowship

RTF Board of Directors

Rachel W. Gammons (she/her)

Rachel is an academic instruction librarian interested in (M)LIS education, information literacy, student-centered librarianship, critical library practice, mentorship, and feminist management/ supervision. As Head of Teaching & Learning Services at the University of Maryland (UMD) Libraries, Rachel oversees a team of amazing librarians and graduate students. Together, they maintain a 5k person instruction program, provide teaching support for Libraries staff, and create outreach and learning opportunities for UMD graduate and undergraduate students. Rachel's research interests center on intersections between librarianship and student affairs, resistance and conformity among middle managers, joy and belonging in library practice, and professional identity development among librarians. She has a BA in Art History (2010) and MSIS (2012) from the University of Tennessee (go Vols!) and an MA in English Literature (2014) from West Chester University. In 2017, she started her Ph.D. in Student Affairs. Rachel is a co-founder of the Fellowship and is proud to have helped lead the program since its inception in 2015.

Lindsay Inge Carpenter (she/her)

Lindsay is the Head of Research Education and liaison to the Second Language Acquisition program at UMD Libraries. Lindsay manages the Libraries' Open Educational Resources initiatives, provides pedagogy training to library faculty and staff, and teaches undergraduate information literacy and research skills. Lindsay is also a doctoral student in the College of Education's Higher Education, Student Affairs, and International Education Policy program, where her research focuses on the experiences of international students on US campuses with an emphasis on language, race, and identity. Lindsay has worked with the Fellowship since she joined the Libraries in 2017.

Ben Shaw (he/him)

Ben Shaw is the Assistant Librarian for Teaching and Learning at UMD Libraries. Ben manages the Information Literacy Instruction for the Academic Writing Program (AWP). He is also serving as a course instructor for LBSC751 in fall 2022 and LBSC750 in spring 2022. Ben is a former GA for Teaching and Outreach at UMD Libraries (2017-2020) and an official affiliate and fan of the Fellowship. 

Anastasia Armendariz (she/her)

Anastasia is the Graduate Assistant for Teaching & Learning Services and serves as the Alumni Relations Coordinator for the Research & Teaching Fellowship. In Fall 2020, Anastasia started her MLIS on the Archives & Digital Curation track. Anastasia's background is in literature and material culture, and she is invested in connecting students to new resources and collections.

Benjamin Shaw (he/him)

Ben was the Graduate Assistant for Teaching & Learning Services from 2017-2021 and performed numerous important functions for the Research & Teaching Fellowship, including creating the first every Fellowship Handbook, coordinating outreach and teaching events, and completing all required and optional elements of the Fellowship. Ben graduated with his MLIS in August 2021 and is currently serving as a co-Director of the Research and Teaching Fellowship and Assistant Librarian for Teaching and Learning at UMD Libraries.

Suzy Wilson (she/her)

Suzy was the Teaching & Learning Librarian at UMD Libraries and an alumna of the Research & Teaching Fellowship. From 2018 - 2022, she worked closely with the fellows and managed the first-year library instruction program for UMD's Academic Writing Program (ENGL 101). Suzy was instrumental in helping to grow and sustain the Fellowship and the program would not be what it is today without her leadership. She is now a formal Friend of the Fellowship and continues to support Fellows and Alumni of the program. 

Alex Carroll (he/him)

Alex serves as a liaison librarian for the School of Engineering and STEM academic units within the College of Arts and Science at Vanderbilt, supporting the research of faculty and developing curriculum-integrated information literacy instruction programs for students in the sciences. Previously, Alex was the Lead Librarian for Research Engagement and the Research Librarian for Engineering and Biotechnology at the NC State University Libraries. Prior to joining NC State, Alex was the Agriculture and Natural Resources Librarian at the University of Maryland. Alex was a co-founder of the Fellowship and was formally involved with the program administration from 2015-2016 and maintained a role as a research collaborator from 2017-2018.  Alex is now a formal Friend of the Fellowship and continues to support current Fellows and Alumni.