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Online Library Instruction: Guide for Instructors

Integrate Research Guides into Canvas

What are LibGuides?

LibGuides is a web-based content management and publishing resource that UMD Libraries uses to create online guides focusing on subject areas, specific courses or assignments, and general topics. These online research guides are aimed at helping students find the best resources for an assignment, course, or subject.

Faculty can now seamlessly integrate these online resources into ELMS-Canvas in a variety of ways: as an entire LibGuide, a single page, or even a specific content-box content, allowing you to select and integrate library resources in whatever way you choose within your courses.

To see the full list of LibGuides available, visit the library website ( Not sure which guide to choose? Contact your subject librarian ( We can help identify the best fit for your course - or develop a new guide that fits the needs of your students.

Embedding LibGuides in Canvas

1. Open an existing module and click on the "+" sign to add more content

2. From the drop down menu, select "add external tool," then "LibApps Library Content"

3. Click on "Research Guides"

4. Under “content type” a drop down menu provides options to either import a guide, or specific library databases that might be useful to students.

5. To import a LibGuide, the “content type” provides three options:

A. Import an entire LibGuide. This brings the full content of the guide into the Canvas space and allows students to navigate through the Guide.

B. Insert a specific page from a LibGuide. This limits some of the functionality of the guide by enabling students to view a single page from the Guide in their Canvas space.

C. Insert a single box from a page on a LibGuide. This is useful when there is specific information that you want students to be able to see, such as a box on citation styles.