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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Research Guide

A research guide highlighting library resources useful for research into diversity issues.


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Subject Headings

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Note on subject headings: Terminology changes and like all classification systems, the Library of Congress Subject Headings contain some outdated and possibly offensive terms and may not contain the newest terminology, as the documentary shows.

Feminism, Gender and Sexuality Studies Disability/Ableism Class Diversity Related
Keywords: Gender bias, Gender gap, Gender role, Trans*, Genderqueer, Non-binary   Keywords: Ableism, Accessibility, Assistive Devices/Technology, Disabled persons, Invisible disability, Neurodiversity, Neurotypical, Neuroatypical Keywords: Class conflict, Classism, Income inequality, Socioeconomic status, Social inequality, Social welfare, Economic inequality, Working poor, Poverty reduction, Shared prosperity, Status attainment, Meritocracy  

Subject Headings:


Butch and femme (Lesbian culture)



Feminist criticism

Gay liberation movement

Gay rights


Gays > United States > Social conditions

Gender identity

Gender nonconformity

Genderqueer people





Intersex people





Nonbinary gender identities

Same-sex marriage

Sex differences

Sex discrimination in higher education

Sex role


Sexual freedom

Sexual minorities

Sexual minority youth

Sexual orientation

​Transgender people

Transgender youth




Women > United States > Social conditions

Women's rights

Subject Headings:

Accessible Web sites for people with disabilities


Autism spectrum disorders

Barrier-free design

Children with disabilities

Chronic diseases > Social aspects.

Chronically ill

College students with disabilities.

Communication devices for people with disabilities

Developmental disabilities

Disabilities > Social aspects

Disability studies

Discrimination against people with disabilities > United States

Discrimination against the mentally ill > United States

Inclusive education

Learning disabilities

Learning disabled

Mainstreaming in education

Mental Disorders

Mental Health

Mental illness > Social aspects

Mentally ill > Civil rights

Mentally Ill Persons

People with disabilities

People with mental disabilities

People with mental disabilities > Civil rights > United States

People with visual disabilities

Self-help devices for people with disabilities

Special education

Sociology of disability

Universal design

Subject Headings:

Blue collar workers

Class consciousness

Distributive justice

Economic development

Educational attainment


Healthcare Disparities

Income distribution

Middle class



Public welfare

Rich people

Social capital (Sociology)

Social classes

Social conflict

Social mobility

Social security

Social service

Social status

Social stratification

Socioeconomic Factors > United States.

Socioeconomic status


White collar workers

Working class

African Americans



Asian Americans

Critical pedagogy

Cultural pluralism


Discrimination in higher education

Discrimination in employment


Diversity in the workplace

Intercultural communication


Oppression (Psychology)

Race relations


Social justice

United States > Ethnic relations

United States > Race relations

Source: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Research Guide: Subject Headings (Cornell University Library)

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The Digital Repository at the University of Maryland (DRUM) collects, preserves, and provides public access to the scholarly output of the university. Faculty and researchers can upload research products for rapid dissemination, global visibility and impact, and long-term preservation. Diversity-related collections include: