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This page serves as a source for documentation and information for Gemstone Librarians and students.


The University of Maryland Libraries and the Gemstone Honors Program have a long-standing reciprocal relationship. The University Librarians support the Gemstone program through robust programmatic support including an annual monetary award, a focus on student success, and individual team support throughout the Gemstone project cycle. In turn, the Gemstone Honors Program supports the Libraries by ensuring student and faculty buy-in of library services, support for the development of the librarian and team relationship, and recognition of librarian’s service to the program. The focus of both parties is on the students, however, and supporting their ambitious and exciting research development. As will be outlined on this page, it is the responsibility of the librarian to work with your assigned team to aid in their research skills and to serve as a research advisor at various stages in their research process. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their assigned librarian and to maintain an active relationship seeking assistance and advice as the team advanced and reorients their research at different stages.


The purpose of this page is provide a space for organizing information about the program and the partnership in one space. The majority of this information is housed elsewhere, but for ease of access will be maintained here as well.


On this page you will find the following information:


For Librarians:

How to be assigned a team

What to expect from your team  

What are the Gemstone Honors Program benchmarks and expectations?

Awards and Events

Internal and external resources


For Students:

How your librarian will be assigned

What to expect from your librarian and what your librarian expects of you

Stages to check-in with your librarian

How to apply for the Gemstone Award (fix language here)

Helpful resources for your projects


For Library Supervisors:

Benefits of librarian-Gemstone support

How to support your faculty with this partnership


For Faculty Mentors:

Delineation of roles

How to work with the team librarian

What librarians do and how they support research across campus

Research resources including cross-campus research support services


For further information, please see the Gemstone Honors Program website,