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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are educational materials and resources offered freely and openly for anyone to use. In addition to this guide, we recommend you also check out a related OER site, Textbook Affordability at UMD.

Finding and Creating OER

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According to the recent Babson Survey, many faculty members mention difficulty in finding Open Educational Resources as an impediment to implementing them in their courses, along with the time required to do so. There are many different types of OER out there, from single images that are licensed for re-use to full courses with accompanying textbooks, multimedia, and assignments. Each involves a different level of commitment, from creating your own resource from scratch, to combining existing resources in a way that meets your needs, to simply adopting an open textbook as is. The resources on this page will help you find all types of OER.

The Open Professionals Education Network has an excellent guide to finding OER on their website.

Creating Your Own OER

The idea of combining many different types of freely available materials into a single course-specific "textbook" is rather daunting. These products and services facilitate that process to make it more manageable.

Multi-Disciplinary Collections of Open Educational Resources

These searchable collections allow educators to find a variety of materials in different disciplines. Most offer advanced searching options that allow you to narrow what can sometimes be an overwhelming number of results into a manageable list of quality resources. OER Commons and MERLOT are the largest repositories with broadest coverage; the others are more targeted.

Subject-Specific OER Collections

These collections are focused on one discipline, but still provide a wider variety of content than an open textbook on a single topic.