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Tests and Measurements

This guide is designed to serve as a tool to help one get information about specific educational, psychological, and vocational tests and measurements. Another purpose is that of providing access to information about the general subject of testing

Test & Measurements Welcome

Welcome to the Tests & Measurements LibGuide!

Frequently people come to the University of Maryland Libraries to find actual copies of published tests. **The University of Maryland Libraries do not keep copies of testing instruments.** Instead, the users must locate contact information about the publishers of the tests that they are seeking. With this information, the user will learn the cost and availability of the tests, and how to go about getting them. The databases and books listed in this guide may assist you in finding this contact information and descriptions for specific tests. 

If rather than seeking information about a specific test, you wish to find information about testing and assessment research, this guide also will help you. 

How to find information about specific Testing, Measurement, & Assessment Tools:

1.  First go to the "Tests and Measurements Databases" section on the Databases page of this guide. Search the Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print database and the Educational Testing Service's Test Collection database for the desired test.

2.  You should also consult Tests, an encyclopedia that contains information about thousands of tests and assessment tools.  This important reference work can be found in the McKeldin Library Reference Stacks.  The call number is: BF176 .T43 2008  (Note: this reference book is also listed in the "Dictionaries & Encyclopedias" section of the Books page).

3.  If you do not find the information that you need in any of those resources, then check some of the databases in the "Additional Databases" section.  Such a search may give you a full-text article or an abstract of the article which happens to mention the company that publishes the desired test. Then you can search for the company on the Internet and possibly get information that will indicate how to contact that company.

4.  If you are still unable to find the desired information, then go to the Books page in this guide to look for books that may help you find information about a specific test or about specific tests within a given subject area. 

5.  If you want more comprehensive information about a specific test than just contact information, then search the Library Catalog.  Examples of subject headings that refer to specific assessment tools include:

Iowa Tests of Educational Development
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

How to find information about Testing, Measurement, and Assessment Research:

Rather than seeking contact information about specific tests, some people may be researching the general subject area of "testing/measurement/assessment"  or may be researching a specific aspect of this subject area.  Here are ways to get this information:

  • Conduct searches in the databases listed in this guide's "Additional databases" section. 
  • Search the Library Catalog.  Examples of subject headings that refer to testing and tests include:
behavioral assessment
educational tests and measurements
intelligence tests
personality tests
psychological tests
  • You may merely browse the library stacks for testing and assessment books. The call number ranges that deal with this subject are:
    BF39 - BF39.2 (psychometrics)
    BF176 -BF176.5 (psychological tests)
    LB3051 - LB3060 (educational tests & measurements)
  • Look at reference books cited in the Books page of this guide.