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This is a guide for finding information in physics.



Where are the textbooks?

Background Info -- Textbooks and More


Where are the physics textbooks and the math books for physics students? What about the books on heat transfer?

Look in the Classic catalog for these call numbers or browse in the stacks on the 2nd floor of the STEM Library:

  • Physics Dictionaries and Encyclopedias QC 5
  • History of Physics QC 7-16
  • Math for Physicists QC 20
  • Physics Textbooks QC 21-23
  • Heat Transfer QC 320
  • Optics QC 355-371
  • Spectra QC 437+


Feynman's Lectures


The lectures on physics by Richard Feynman, given in 1964 at Cornell University and are available now online for free here. This was made possible thanks to Bill Gates who bought the rights from BBC and to Microsoft that posted them online at. 

Lecture titles are as follows:

  1. Law of Gravitation - An Example of Physical Law
  2. The Relation of Mathematics and Physics
  3. The Great Conservation Principles
  4. Symmetry in Physical Law
  5. The Distinction of Past and Future
  6. The Quantum Mechanical View of Nature
  7. Seeking New Laws

Print copies of the lectures are available at the STEM Library. Call numbers are: