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Legal Research

This research guide introduces users to the legal research process. If you're new to legal research, it's best to follow this guide step-by-step.

Step 5

After you have conducted your search and reviewed the results, review what you have found and assess what else you need to learn about the topic. The KWHL method can really come in handy during this phase your search.

  • What do you now KNOW about your topic?
  • What else do you WANT to know about your topic?
  • HOW will you find information about your topic?
  • What have you LEARNED about your topic?

Think about why you need the information. If you're working on a class project, you could look at the assignment information your professor shared with you and decide if you have enough information to complete it. If you do not, what else do you need to find? Think about the resource links on this guide and decide which ones could have the information you need. Also, remember if you hit a wall, feel free to contact a librarian!

Case Law

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