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Research Data Management Plan

Data Management Planning

Data Management Planning

University librarians are here to help you at every step in the research data life cycle - from data management planning to secure data storage to data preservation.

  • DMPTool for data management plan templates and resources.
  • Data and project management consultations. 
  • DRUM for Data: Publish your datasets with the University Libraries.

Quick Start for Writing Data Management Plans

Example plans

Build a plan from a template

DMP Tool is an online service that lets you write, share, and publish data management plans. Search public data management plans to get a sense of what peers in your field are submitting.

Use the DMP Tool to craft your plan in a template. You can save your plan and revise it later.

Review our presentation

These slides provide some background and a quick overview of typical plan content:

Complete Guide to Writing Data Management Plans

This guide outlines a writing strategy for creating a data management plan based on requirements common to many funding agencies. Some of the advice in this guide also applies to data sharing plans or data availability statements required by journals and certain funding organizations.

Before you start writing, please review carefully the agency or journal's requirements for official instructions. This guide assumes that you have read and understood the agency or journal's instructions and have determined which requirements apply to your proposal.