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Philippine and Filipino American History & Heritage

This guides primarily describes resources available at the UMD Libraries for research on the history of the Philipines and the experience of Filipino Americans. The guide also directs researchers to collections and resources beyond the UMD Libraries.

What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are usually defined as first hand information or data that is generated by witnesses or participants in past events.  Primary sources are characterized not by their format but rather by the information they convey and their relationship to the research question.  They include letters, diaries, journals, newspapers, photographs, and other immediate accounts. The interpretation and evaluation of these sources becomes the basis for research.

These materials are often located in the Special Collections of a library, rather than in the general collection. On this page, you will find some primary sources available to you at the UMD Libraries about Filipino Americans in the Greater Washington, DC, area and the history of the Philippines.

To learn more about primary sources, including how to cite sources, visit the tutorial, Research Using Primary Sources.

Image Citation: Mariano Peji and Filipino sailors at the U.S. Naval Academy posed in basketball uniforms circa 1926. Donated by Nila Toribio Straka. Available in the UMD Libraries Digital Collections as part of the Filipino American Community Archives

Archives & Manuscripts at the UMD Libraries

Archives and Manuscripts

Archives and manuscripts include unpublished diaries, correspondence, financial records, and other materials "created or received by a person, family, or organization, public or private, in the conduct of their affairs." (SAA glossary).  Below is a list of materials related to Philippine and Filipino American history and heritage at the UMD Libraries.

Primary Sources at Other Institutions in Maryland and the DC Area

Primary Sources at Other Institutions Outside Maryland and the D.C. Metro Area