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LibX Guide

How the LibX toolbar can enhance your library experience.

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Steve Henry
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So, you have an ISBN, ISSN, DOI, or a PMID, but you have no idea what item it corresponds to and whether you can access that item through UMD. Now is the perfect time to use UMD's LibX add-on.

LibX attempts to identify these numerical ids and turn them into links. The links will go directly to our catalog or Database Finder.

Sometimes, LibX might not recognize a numerical ID, or there might already be a cue on the entry. In this case, just select the numerical ID with your mouse and right click to search the ID.

For more info on why auto-linking might not work check out the "Known Bugs" section.



International Standard Book Number is an internationally regulated system of identifying books by number. Publishers purchase a bunch of ISBNs at one time and then assign them to publications.


International Standard Serial Number is a government regulated system of identifying serials (journals) by number. All issues of the same journal will have the same ISSN unless the journal title has changed.


Digital Object Identifiers help identify specific journal articles.  These are frequently used for scientific articles.


​PubMed IDs are strings of numbers that identify records in the PubMed database.