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Identifying and Locating Musical Sources

Using RISM and other resources.

The Grove and Harvard Dictionaries

Both the New Grove and Harvard dictionaries have introductory articles on sources which should be consulted.

The article in the New Grove is exceptionally thorough:

  • "Sources, MS"
    • I. Introduction, vol. 23, p.792
    • II. Western plainchant, vol. 23, p.817
    • III. Secular monophony, vol. 23, p.846
    • IV. Organum and discant, vol. 23, p.868
    • V. Early motet, vol. 23, p.874
    • VI. English polyphony 1270-1400, vol. 23, p.877
    • VII. French polyphony 1300-1420, vol. 23, p.882
    • VIII. Italian polyphony c1325-c1420, vol. 23, p.888
    • IX. Renaissance polyphony, vol. 23, p.892
  • "Sources of instrumental ensemble music to 1630", vol. 24, p.1
  • "Sources of keyboard music to 1660", vol. 24, p.19
  • "Sources of lute music", vol. 24, p.39