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History of the Book

A guide to resources on the the history of printing and the book using materials from University of Maryland Special Collections.

Choosing a Topic

There are a wide range of subjects, geographic locations, time periods, and disciplines associated with the history of the book.  Consult the Searching the Catalog page for tips on locating resources using the UMD online catalog

This section offers a list of books and search tips for more researching specific topics related to the the history of the book, including:

Consult the Historical Bibliography section of this guide for additional information on locating resources on a particular era of book history.

Locating Books in the Maryland Room

You can use the College Park Advanced Search to locate materials using more specific search criteria.  In the word search boxes enter keywords, for example "bookbinding", using the all fields option. 

For a more narrow search, you can change the all fields option to specify keywords in the title or subject categories.

Limiting the location to Marylandia & Rare Books will return materials available in the Maryland Room, including items from the Maryland Collection, Rare Books, and Special Collections.  You can also limit the location to Archives to find materials from the University Publications, University Records, Historic Manuscripts, and other archival collections.