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McNair Scholars

Research guide for McNair Scholars

Finding the References

For Books - use WorldCat

For Articles - There are a couple of ways to determine if we own the article and in what format.  It can be tricky to find the article sometimes, please email Judy if you are not finding what you need.
1. Use Google Scholar (make sure you have set library links to University of Maryland - Find@ UMD
2. Google and use the Reload button (
3. Use WorldCat and type in the title of the article or the journal name. 
4. Use the Citation Linker found here

Research can be difficult, but you don't have to start from scratch if you follow the clues left by scholars who have gone before you!

As you conduct your research, you will need to make note of the additional resources (book, book chapter, journal article) you identify in the bibliographies, references, notes and footnotes of the sources you are using. The reason for this? Because this is one of the best ways to further your research.


Let's say you found this article: 

Fry, M., Brannstrom, C., & Murphy, T. (2015). How Dallas became frack free: hydrocarbon governance under neoliberalism. Environment & Planning A, 47(12), 2591-2608.
Citatin Chasing Article Fracking

 And you read it and it is just great for your research. The next thing to do is look at the list of references and follow-up on any that look relevant. This is a great way to build your bibliography, to find like materials.

Citatin Chasing Article Frackign References

Google Scholar 

Off campus? Be sure to add University of Maryland - Find @ UMD to the Library Links 
Follow these steps:
1.Click on menu      
Google Scholar Library Links Step 1 Menu




2. Click on Settings                                                                                              3. Click on Library links
Google Scholar Library Links Step 2 Settings

                              Google Scholar Library Links Step 3 Library Links                           











4. Make sure University of Maryland Libraries - Find @ UMD is listed. If not, use the search box and find and add 


If the article is really great for your research, and you have checked the references used by the author/s, you can look and see if the article has been cited by anyone else since it was published. 
This is the  original relevant article:
Fry, M., Brannstrom, C., & Murphy, T. (2015). How Dallas became frack free: hydrocarbon governance under neoliberalism. Environment & Planning A, 47(12), 2591-2608.

There are several ways to see who has cited the article, but one of the best and easiest ways is to use 
Google Scholar. (
Once in google scholar, type/paste in the title of the original article.
Look for the - cited by. You might also see Web of Science, those are additionally cited by sources.

Google Scholar Citing Article Fracking