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Hearing and Speech Sciences

A guide to print and electronic sources in the field of Hearing and Speech Sciences.

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Hearing and Speech Sciences Call Numbers

Browsing the library shelves by call number ranges is one way to locate information on a topic.

Library of Congress Call Numbers related to Hearing and Speech Sciences include:

Call Number Range   Subject Heading
BF 251 Hearing, Psychology
BF 455       Psychology of Language and Speech
BF 723 .C57 Child Psychology Communication
LC 4028 Language and Learning
P 118 Early Language Acquisition/Emergent Lexicon
P 217 - P 259 Phonetics
QM 251 - QM 265 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech
QM 507       Human Anatomy - Ear
QP 86 .K46 Physiology of Aging
QP 306 Physiology of Voice and Speech
QP 461 - QP 471 Neurophysiology - Hearing - Physiological Acoustics
RC 423 Communication Disorders
RC 424 Stuttering
RC 424.7 Articulation Disorders
RC 425 Aphasia
RF 110 - RF 285 Otology - Diseases of the Ear
RF 290 - RF 294 Audiology - Hearing Disorders
RF 294.5 Audiology - Special Tests and Methods
RF 298 - RF 310 Hearing Disorders - Instruments
RF 510 - RF 514 Diseases of the Larynx, Vocal Cords. Instrumentation
RF 540 Rehabilitation - Speech
RJ 496 - 497 Language and Communication Disorders in Children

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