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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Literacy

Learn about how AI works and how to spot common errors AI tools tend to make. You'll also learn fact-checking and critical thinking strategies for AI, how to cite AI in an academic paper, and how to learn more in-depth about AI tools and issues.

Level Up: Further Information on AI

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More types of artificial intelligence

The list of AI-based tools is rapidly expanding. Check out this resource for a list of interesting tools you might be able to use for different purposes. If you'd like (and if you feel comfortable with the user agreements), check out a few of these tools and think about different purposes each one could be useful for.

More information

Explore these additional optional resources for more information on different topics mentioned in this Research Guide, as well as references for the content included in previous pages.

More information

Machine learning & AI tools

Copyright and labor 

Bias & guardrails for AI

  • Learn about bias in AI: the gender shades video walks through a study of how well popular face-recognition software identifies people of different genders and skin types.
  • Explore an interactive graphic outlining different harm considerations of Large Language Models for universities to think about.


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