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Rare Books in Special Collections in Performing Arts

Guide to collections in SCPA that contain rare books, in part or in whole.

Rare Books Collections

These collections are entirely made up of rare books. 

NAfME and Music Education Rare Books Collections

The National Association for Music Education records are housed at Special Collections for Performing Arts, and contain several record groups and related collections that are composed of rare and historical music education publications. 

  • NAfME Historical Center Record Group 25-3-2: Ginn Publishing Company National Summer School of Music: Ginn was an education publishing house founded in the late 19th century. Later purchased by Simon and Schuster and merged with the Silver Burdett Company. Contact the curator for more information, including an inventory. 
  • NAfME Historical Center Record Group 25-3-5: Silver Burdett Company
  • NAfME Historical Center Record Group 25-5: Books contains five book collections devoted to music education
    • 25-5-1 Community Songbooks

      Nearly 1000 songbooks spanning the 1880s to 1960s. Arranged by type of songbook or theme.

    • 25-5-2 School Music Textbooks

      Over 100 series, totally more than 1,000 textbooks ranging from 1880s to 1970s. Arranged by publisher.

    • 25-5-3 Curriculum Guides

      Nearly 1,000 public school music curriculum guides published between 1930s and 1970s. Arranged by State.

    • 25-5-4 Method Books

      Over 700 method books ranging in date from 1888 to mid-1990s and covering most instruments traditionally found in school bands and orchestras. Arranged by instrument.

    • 25-5-5 Operettas for Children

      Over 100 scores for children's operettas, dating from 1912 to 1966.

  • Michael Mark rare book collection

Collections Containing Rare Books

These collections are focused around other topics, but contain at least one series of rare books. 

The Hugo Keesing Collections on Popular Culture

You can find the rare books collected by Hugo Keesing in the libraries' Basic Catalog, by searching for the call number MKEESING. You can also narrow your search to books about artists that begin with a specific letter-- for example, MKEESING B will return all books with MKEESING B call numbers, including topics such as The Beatles (MKEESING B10), The Beach Boys (MKEESING B9), Chuck Berry, Blondie (MKEESING B21), etc. Follow the link or use the search box below.