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First-Generation Students Resource Guide

First-Gen Book Collection

For National First-Gen Celebration Day, STAMP is collaborating with the University Libraries to develop a first-gen author’s book collection. The book collection can be found below, with links to each title's page in the University Libraries catalog.


The books chosen are either written by first-generation authors or are books that highlight first-generation experiences. With this book collection, we aim to bring a diverse set of authors, genres, and stories that celebrate the unique experiences of first-generation people. Similarly, The Diversity Fund at the University Libraries aims to further diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility to request diverse authors and stories. To request additional books through this fund enter the information at the Diversity Fund.


On a National level we recommend that first-generation students look at national organizations or check out podcasts highlighting the various experiences of first-generation students and young professionals!

First-Gen Book Collection