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STS Resources

Science and Technology Studies (STS) Resource Guide

Welcome!  This guide was created to help you navigate library resources in STS.  It is currently used as a research guide for ENES/ENEE 200, the STEP Minor, and the Science, Technology and Society Program.  If you have any questions on the information presented here, accessing resources or conducting research, reach out to your librarian (contact information on the left).  I'm always happy to help.

STS Databases

Core Journals

These are core journals in Science and Technology Studies (STS).  Click on the links to browse the titles individually.  Tools for searching multiple journals on this list at a time can be found at the bottom.

Part of this list is based on the STS Core Journal List compiled by the University of Virginia library.

Searching the Core Journal list

Use these links to search for articles in journals on the core journal list. Each database covers most, but not all, of the journal titles and may not search all issues of the covered journals.  The search syntax can be found by clicking more...  underneath each link. If you are having trouble with a link, you can copy and paste this search syntax directly into the advanced search box of the corresponding database.