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Federal Depository Library Program in Maryland, Delaware, and DC

LibGuide for selective Federal depository libraries served by the University of Maryland Libraries

Our records and material may contain harmful language.

While personnel in UMD Libraries' U.S. Government Information department strive to use inclusive language to describe library materials, you may encounter harmful language in our records and in the material itself. Within our records, some harmful words may not be censored because this content provides historical context for understanding the era, attitudes, and opinions of their creators. However, you may also find harmful language because our records have been created over many decades, and older records may contain language that was acceptable historically to people with the power to set norms, but is recognized widely as offensive today.

We may be able to update language in our records, but we are unable to change any harmful language within the material itself. If you encounter harmful language within our records, please fill out our feedback form. We will respond to your feedback and communicate any action we will take to update the language.

Regional Federal Depository Library

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The University of Maryland is the Regional Depository Library for FDLP Selective Depositories in the the states of Maryland, Delaware and in the District of Columbia.

Established by the Government Publishing Office (GPO) in 1813, the FDLP's mission is to ensure the public has access to information created by its government.