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How to do research in Philosophy.

About This Guide to Philosophy

This is a guide to important print and electronic resources for research in the field of philosophy.  It emphasizes material available through the University of Maryland Libraries. Click on the tabs above to specify the type of resource that you seek. 

Research in philosophy employs mainly books and journal articles.  Consequently, this guide provides assistance in identifying books in the University of Maryland Catalog, as well as links to databases that contain a good deal of material that is of use to scholars doing research in philosophy.  There is also a list of dictionaries and encyclopedias owned by the University of Maryland Libraries.  These can be especially useful to students who are new to philosophy, but in many cases, they are of value to advanced students and faculty as well.

For further assistance, please feel free to email or call me at phone number listed in my profile.

Philosophy at Maryland

The Department of Philosophy at Maryland offers instruction in most traditional areas of philosophy, often in interaction with other disciplines.

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