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WMST 250: Introduction to Women's Studies: Women, Art and Culture (C. Snyder)

Guide to resources for WMST 250

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are accounts or analyses written after the fact by historians and other scholars making use of primary sources (and also other secondary sources). 

The main forms of secondary sources are books and journal articles.  Another kind of secondary source is a reference work such as an encyclopedia.    


Starting with secondary sources can sometimes be easier then starting with primary sources. Scholarly books are great secondary sources to use and easy to identify and locate in our catalog, WorldCat.  Books will have references, leading you to primary sources.

Start with keywords:
stonewall riot*
seneca falls 
comfort women

Read the Description for the Table of Contents and Summary:
WorldCat Book Comfort Women

Plan Ahead! Book checked out?
Use UBorrow to request a copy to be sent here. 

Scholarly journals are another type of great secondary source to use for historical research. There are many databses to use, start with the following, check for additional databases by Browsing by Subject.

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