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BSCV 191: Introduction to Civicus

Course Guide for BSCV 191

There are many databases within the Ebscohost platform you can use to locate articles on your topics. 
It is probably best to start with the Academic Search Ultimate database and the SocINDEX database and then add others for your specific topic. Search them at the same time to remove duplications.
For example, any topic dealing with education should be searched in Academic Search Complete and SocIndex and also Education Source.
Media issues - add Communication and Mass Media Complete
Women - add Women's Studies International

To search multiple databases get into Academic Search Ultimate first, then click on - choose databases - and add the others.


1. Since you are searching multiple databases at once, it is best to filter/limit within results
2. Retrieve way too many results? Change search field from Select a Field to SU Subject or AB Abstract

EbscoHost Limits


The best database for environmental articles is not an Ebscohost database. You will need to use the Web of Science database.

The best database for legislation (bills, house/senate committee prints, hearings, crs reports) is not an Ebscohost database. You will need to use the Congressional Publications, a database from  Proquest, a different platform.

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