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Brass Pedagogy

Some good call numbers to know

Solo instrument:

Horn: M80-84
Trumpet: M85-89
Trombone: M90-94
Tuba: M95-99

Solo with piano:

Horn: M255-259
Trumpet: M260-261
Trombone: M262-263
Tuba: M264-265

Two wind instruments: M288-289

One wind and one stringed instrument: M290-M291

One wind and one plucked instrument: M296-297

Piano trios: M315-319

Wind trios: M355-359

Brass trios: M357.4

Wind quartets: M455-459

Wind quintets: M555-559

Solo instrument with orchestra:

Horn: M1028-1029
Trumpet: M1030-1031
Trombone: M1032-1033
Tuba: M1034.T8