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Using Rock's Backpages

The leading popular music (post-1960) database.

Quick Search

Since all of the articles in Rock's Backpages are fully searchable, you can use the Quick Search box at the upper right of RBP's homepage to look for sources by any keyword.

An expanded search menu can be found on the Library page. Here you can use the dropdown lists to search by artist, writer, subject/genre, or publication.

By default, search results will be arranged by relevance in relation to your search terms. To the right of your search results, you'll see the top categories for your search. You can click on a name here to limit by facet.

Advanced Search

If the Quick Search is giving you too many hits, you may want to use the Advanced Search page.

This is particularly useful if you want to limit your date range or find articles about an artist in a particular publication.

As with a basic search, you'll still be able to limit your results by facet after you've searched.