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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are educational materials and resources offered freely and openly for anyone to use. In addition to this guide, we recommend you also check out a related OER site, Textbook Affordability at UMD.

OER for Students

CC license (BY-SA) Flickr image by Wesley Fryer.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are one way to address the rising costs of education, and they also have the potential to facilitate new styles of teaching and learning.  Students can also benefit from OERs when they use these materials to supplement their classroom instruction. 

Open Online Courses

Interested in taking a free course online from a reputable university to expand your knowledge?  Here's a sampling of sites that provide a variety of online courses.

Search for a Course

Use these sites allow you to search for courses across multiple platforms.

How to Get Involved

The following sites provide background information about Open Educational Resources (OER) for students and faculty wanting to become involved in the OER movement.