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McKeldin Map Collection

Guide to the map collection on the 4th floor of McKeldin Library.

Foreign/World Maps

The Foreign/World Map collection includes more than 100,000 sheet maps of foreign countries, transnational regions (e.g., East Africa), and continents. Maps in this collection depict a wide range of thematic material, including topography, roads, soil, geology, climate, transportation, minerals, oil & gas, bathymetry, and satellite imagery. Large-scale city plans also exist for hundreds of foreign cities.

Most items are from the mid-20th Century (1920-1970), but publication dates vary widely, as do scales, language of publication, and completeness of coverage. Many are part of national and regional series produced or acquired by the U.S. Army Map Service (AMS) before, during and after World War II; others were published by foreign mapping agencies.

Maps are shelved in map cases alphabetically by country, region, or continent name, followed by series or subject (if applicable).

Single- or multi-sheet world maps, including Department of Defense series 1202, 1301, 1404, and 1501 (aka Joint Operations Graphics, or JOG Charts), the UNESCO Geologic Atlas of the World, and FAO/UNESCO soil maps, are shelved under "W".

Map Tip: Don't forget to consider current and former country names (British Honduras/Belize, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe), regional names (Scandinavia, Indochina, Balkans), and continent or sub-continental names (Asia, Central America). Coverage can be poor in one category (Ethiopia), but much stronger in another (East Africa).