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LibX and You

How LibX toolbar can enhance your library experience

What's bookmarked in the toolbar?

We have LibX set up for UMD so that the left most part of the toolbar has an autolink setup.

This means it has links to:

  • University of Maryland Libraries

  • Aleph Catalog (USMAI)

  • WorldCat UM

  • ResearchPort

  • UMCP Citation Linker
    Citation linker offers more ways of searching for e-journals than the "Looking for a specific article" box in Research Port. UMD libraries does not currently link to citation linker from anywhere else.

  • Google Scholar

  • LibX UMCP homepage

There's also a place for LibX preferences, so if you frequently search titles on Google Scholar and that option doesn't come up when you highlight and right click, you can change that by going to the context menu within preferences.