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Basic Music Reference Tools

The FIRST guide you should read about music research

This page includes:

-What are discographies



-Selected books

Websites is a popular commercial site for information about recordings.

What are discographies and recorded sounds?

Discographies are subject-specific lists containing various amounts of information about sound recordings. They can be in book or journal article form, a concise list at the end of a book or article on a given subject, or on the Web.

Recorded sounds are clips or complete versions of musical pieces.

We have a guide on recorded music resources and how to find them!
For more information visit the library guide linked to below.


  • Bielefelder klassik katalog (Germany, 1979 - present)
  • R.E.D. classical catalogue (U.K., 1997 - present)
  • Schwann opus (U.S.A., 1992 - 2000)
  • Schwann spectrum (U.S.A., 1992 - 1999)
  • The above are national attempts to list commercial recordings currently in print. The most recent issues are located in the Current Periodical section of the Performing Arts Library

Selected Books