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Reload Button

Doing research off-campus? Try out the UMD Libraries reload button! Add the button to your browser's bookmark toolbar (see instructions below), and whenever you come across a journal you think you should be able to access, click the button to reload the page through the UMD Libraries proxy.

Reload @ UMCP

Drag the button to the bookmarks toolbar or right click and select the "Bookmark This Link" option.

Chrome or Safari:
Drag the button to the bookmarks toolbar. If the bookmarks toolbar isn't visible, press Ctrl + Shift + B (in Chrome).

Internet Explorer:
Right click the button and choose the "Add to favorites..." option. You may get a warning about adding unsafe links. While it's good practice to be wary, we believe this link is safe.

*Note: Reloading the page through the proxy still won't give you access if it's a resource we don't subscribe to. To verify access, look up the journal or database in the A to Z list.


LibX is an open source additional toolbar that can give you easy access to the University of Maryland Catalog and other resources.

Among other things, LibX can help:

  • Locate items in the UMD catalog through the toolbar
  • Identify items by ISBN, ISSN, DOIs and PubMedIDs
  • Give you easy access to important library related sites
  • Search library related sites.
  • Find things by keyword in Google Scholar
  • Link materials in Amazon and the New York times to the UMD catalog
  • Turn ISBN, ISSN, DOI and PMID into links

For more information on LibX you can visit

Download the LibX extension here.