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Tutorial for FMSC 487 -- Legal Aspects of Family Problems

Introduction--Where to Begin

Where to begin:

This tutorial is designed to assist you with assignments in your family law class.  You may use the Westlaw Campus Research database or the Lexis Nexis Academic database (links below) for legal research.  For examples in this tutorial, we will use the  Westlaw database, but in many instances Lexis Nexis would have functioned similarly.

Important note:  When using Lexis Nexis, be sure that you are searching legal data, rather than general news information.  If in Lexis Nexis use the  "Look up a Legal Case" tag at the bottom of the screen to bring up a search template to help you find legal cases.  Also you can use the "search by Content Type" tab (located at the top right of the screen).  That link will take you to a menu of "Legal" materials.  Also click on the "Research Guides" tab and take a look at the "How to Find a Specific Legal Case"  instructions.

Both of these databases have good "Help" functions.  If you have a question about how to compose a search, about the definition of a term, etc., try hitting the "Help" tab on the respective database.  It likely will give you the information that you need.