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Departmental Faculty Representatives & Library Liaisons

A guide highlighting the work of the departmental faculty representatives. Representatives are vital to the success of the University of Maryland Libraries in supporting University's goals for learning, discovery, engagement, and professional practice.

Liaisons at the Libraries

At the University of Maryland Libraries, our mission is to meet the academic, research, and information needs of the campus community in both traditional and innovative ways.

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Departmental Faculty Representatives (Faculty Library Liaisons)

The work of the departmental faculty representatives is vital to the success of the University of Maryland Libraries in supporting University's goals for learning, discovery, engagement, and professional practice.

  • Each academic department/program at UMD assigns a faculty member to serve as faculty library liaison for that department.
  • The departmental faculty representative may be the primary contact person for his or her department with the library, communicating directly with their liaison librarian. 
  • departmental faculty representatives communicate to their liaison librarian changes in curriculum, academic directions, and new programmatic needs, as well as new, evolving, or diminishing research focuses.
  • They encourage their colleagues to communicate with their subject librarian regarding individual information, purchase, instruction, or research needs and distribute communications from the liaison librarian and the Libraries that they receive.
  • Further, they may coordinate the participation of their department in special projects, such as:
    • Journal cancellation projects
    • Major purchase decisions
    • Major withdrawal/transfer projects of bound journal volumes or books. 
  • They can also be providing feedback from the faculty regarding:
    • Library services
    • Policies
    • Procedures
    • Collections

Subject Librarians (Library Liaisons)

In their outreach function, liaison librarians are a conduit between academic departments and the library to make sure that we are serving the unique research and information literacy needs of students and faculty in each discipline to the best of our ability.

  • Liaison librarians are assigned subjects based on their undergraduate and graduate degrees, academic interests, and the needs of the library.
  • Liaison librarians provide information literacy instruction, research assistance, and manage and build collections.
  • Through departmental partnerships, liaison librarians actively develop innovative services and materials that support the University's evolving academic programs and changing research interests.
  • Active communication between liaison librarians and their faculty library liaison include all matters related to the University Libraries, such as:
  • Acquisitions
  • Instructional support
  • Scholarly communications
  • Library digitization efforts
  • Developments in data research and visualization
  • Library events
  • Workshops
  • Library-wide services.