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INST232C/451 - Health Justice: Investigating the Roles of Information in Preventing & Addressing Health Disparities

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Rachel Gammons
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This is a guide to support students taking INST232C / INST451, which focuses on health-related information behaviors. If you need assistance, please feel free to set up a research consultation with Rachel (your subject librarian!) using the links on the left hand side of the page, or email me at 

Final Project

For this assignment, please team up with 4 to 5 of your classmates and select a particular population that often experiences social injustice, such as women, members of racial/ethnic minorities, socioeconomically disadvantaged people, LGBTQ+ people, older people, immigrants, refugees, prisoners, homeless people, etc. Once you have selected a population, you will work together to conduct an in-depth investigation into their health-related information behaviors, any information-related barriers they tend to face, and the health inequities they experience. You will then draw on what you have learned in this investigation in order to propose at least two different information-related solutions (whether processes, resources, services, systems, etc.) that can help to address these information-related barriers and health inequities...

Please work with your team to identify and select at least five peer-reviewed journal articles (at least one article per team member) that describe results from recent empirical studies focused on the health-related information behaviors of your selected population and the information-related barriers and health inequities that they face. After carefully reading these articles, please prepare an annotated bibliography...

Begin this paper by providing an introduction to your project, including your motivations and goals for undertaking this project. Then, for each article you will be using for your final project, provide:

(1) a citation in APA style;

(2) a brief summary;

(3) a critical appraisal; and

(4) an explanation of how the article is relevant to your final project.

Your introduction and your entry for each article should be approximately ½ page long (single-spaced). The total length of your annotated bibliography should be between 3 to 5 pages (single-spaced)."