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GVPT 203: The Challenge of Authoritarianism

Guide for GVPT 203


This guide will help you identify and locate sources for your GVPT 203 short research paper.

Library-related questions? I am here to help. Please email me.
Judy Markowitz


From your syllabus:
"investigate how and why authoritarianism has persisted in the country in question, given widespread international and domestic pressures to democratize, and what (if anything) the US should do to promote democracy in that country. 

Be sure to consider at least one of the following areas of inquiry: military, economy, culture, government, and international influence (combining areas as appropriate depending on the selected country and unique argument being made). For example, is the strength of the military the main reason that authoritarianism has persisted in the country under investigation, or is it the nature of the economy, predominant cultural norms, political maneuvering by the government, or international factors such as outside support?

Each student will write a short research paper of 4-6 pages (double-spaced and not including bibliography, with citations and bibliography in the style of the American Political Science Association, a guideline for which is posted on ELMS.) "